Powell, Asa "Ace," 1912-1978


Powell, Asa "Ace," 1912-1978

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Ace Powell was born in Tulerosa, New Mexico. At a young age he moved with his family to the Apgar area of Glacier National Park where he watched Charles M. Russell paint at his nearby summer cabin. When he was 15, Powell was sent to boarding school in Browning where he met and became friends with renowned Western sculptor Bob Scriver. In 1938, after only a few private art lessons, Powell established himself as a full-time artist, sketching and painting what he knew best—the cowboys and the Indians of the Glacier National Park area. Already known as “Ace,” when fellow artist Joe DeYoung recommended that he adopt an artistic "brand" of his own, Powell chose the Ace of Diamonds as his new trademark.

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Tulerosa, New Mexico.

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