Seltzer, O. C. (Olaf C.), 1877-1957


Seltzer, O. C. (Olaf C.), 1877-1957

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Olaf C. Seltzer was born in Denmark where, displaying an early natural aptitude, he was able to study art for two years at the Technical Society Institute in Copenhagen. In 1892 he immigrated to the United States and thereafter made Montana his home. Finding it difficult to support himself through his art alone, Seltzer worked for the railroad and ultimately became a locomotive repair foreman. His artistic talent was quickly recognized by Montanans including fellow artist Charles M. Russell, from whom he received friendship, artistic inspiration, and encouragement. Although he worked diligently throughout his life, he never achieved the fame of Russell, but was nevertheless able to receive some measure of acclaim in his later years. Today his artwork is highly regarded and is included in museum collections throughout the country.

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