Tobacco dance.

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Tobacco dance.


Three men and a woman, probably members of the Crow Indian tribe, stand together in front of a fence built of poles and tree branches. One man wears a long fur coat and a brimmed hat. The other men wear leggings, blanket, and aprons, and hold gourds or rattles in their hand. Next to the group are other people, some standing and some sitting on the ground. One seated man is holding a drum. One woman wears a blanket or shawl, possibly made from a United States flag. The event may have been connected to planting or raising tobacco. Information with photo: The three men in the front of the fence are identified as Boy In The Water, Big Medicine, and Fire Bear.


Throssel, Richard, -1933


Montana Historical Society Research Center




Lot 035 B09F03.04

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1 photographic print : black and white

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6 1/2 in.

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8 1/2 in.


Montana Historical Society Research Center