Woman with cradleboard.

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Woman with cradleboard.


An unidentified woman, probably a Crow Indian, stands near a teepee camp. She wears a fringed shawl over a fabric dress and has a cradleboard on her back. The cradleboard is decorated with fringe and beads. Other women are sitting on the ground and wear blankets and headscarves. Two women hold umbrellas. Behind the group are wagons, teepees, and a group of people seated near a teepee. Note: Bud Lake acquired this photograph as part of a scrapbook labeled 'taken on a camping trip of 10th Cav. from Ft. Custer, Montana, 1894-5' and kept by William Henry Hay. Lake identified O.S. Goff as the photographer. Note: In April 2016, Grant Bulltail provided information about this photograph: There is no baby in the cradleboard, but an otter hide, possibly part of an energy bundle. Otters were admired for their ability to survive in the water and are viewed as healers of all types of sickness. The Crow like to use their fur for decoration. In the background seated in front of the tipi is a man wearing a white shirt and he is leading some sort of ceremony.


Goff, O. S. (Orlando Scott), 1843-1917


Montana Historical Society Research Center


circa 1894


Lot 035 B03F06.10

Original Format

1 photographic print : black and white

Height (inches)

3 3/4 in.

Width (inches)

6 1/4 in.


Montana Historical Society Research Center