Crow brave.

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Crow brave.


Studio portrait of a young unidentified Crow Indian man. His legs are bare except for bands with bells around his calves. He is wearing a breechcloth, long necklaces, a feather roach, and a beaded belt with a feathered plume decoration in the back. He is holding a decorative banner. A similar image (MHS photograph 955-753) has this information: Mike Cowdery in 1993 identified the photographer as Orlando Scott Goff, Fort Custer, M.T. from 1888. Faith Bad Bear in 1993 identified the man's attire as a buffalo dance outfit. Note from Grant Bulltail in April 2016: The man is dressed for dance. He wears an otter skin as a necklace, circular ornaments made from horse harnesses with mirrors in the center, an animal head over his left arm, and a beaded belt with a symbol of tobacco on it. He is holding a whip (made up of several triangle shapes) and there is an animal skin behind it. He also holds a curved object which is a buffalo tail (or something that symbolizes a buffalo tail). The man has two feathers standing up from his roach which is traditional dance regalia.


Goff, O. S. (Orlando Scott), 1843-1917


Montana Historical Society Research Center


Between 1880-1890


Lot 035 B03F02.01

Original Format

1 photographic print : black and white on board mount

Height (inches)

5 3/4 in.

Width (inches)

4 in.


Montana Historical Society Research Center