Priscilla War Work Book: Comforts for Soldiers & Sailors

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Priscilla War Work Book: Comforts for Soldiers & Sailors


World War I-era needlework instruction book containing knitting and sewing patterns, including knitted mittens, ration heaters for the soldiers, knitted scarf and chest protector, muffler and cap combined, knitted stockings, slip-on sweater, knitted muffler (or scarf), two knitted helmets, knitted helmet with cape, knitted gloves, knitted sleeveless sweater, balaklova sleeping cap, thumbless mittens or wristlets, hospital bed socks, hot-water bottle cover, two eye bandages, wash cloth, nurses' mitt, comfort kit, hospital garments (such as shirts, pants, socks, and operating gowns), and Red Cross fundraiser memorial quilt (with sample order slip for name to be embroidered)

Also included are knitting instructions and tips for Red Cross Workers. Many instructions specify Red Cross needles and yarn by hank or pound.


Barsaloux, Elsa


Priscilla Publishing Co., Boston




Title page reads "The Priscilla War Work Book including directions for knitted garments and comfort kits from the American Red Cross and knitted garments for the Boy Scout"