Forestry work in France during World War I



Forestry work in France during World War I


Two pages, with two black-and-white photographs each, excerpted from a special commemorative issue of American Forestry, the magazine of the American Forestry Association. This issue was dedicated to the work done by the 10th and 20th Engineers during World War I. Images show:
1) 20th Engineers sawing felled trees into logs in a pine forest, southern France. Two men in foreground are using a crosscut saw on felled log.
2) 20th Engineers loading fir logs on narrow gauge railway car in the mountains of eastern France. One man is standing on top of a pile of logs chained to railway car and three men are standing in front. Several hold cant hooks.
3) 20th Engineers loading lumber and ties on French cars. The car at the left is loaded with barbed wire stakes. The building at the end of the right-hand car corresponds to an American caboose. One man is standing on top of railway car while another man hands him a piece of lumber. Stacks of lumber and ties surround them.
4) Wagon used by the American Forestry Engineers in France. Four horses are in front of the wagon. Four men stand beside the wagon, one man is on one of the horses, and three men sit on top of logs loaded on wagon. Logs are stacked high on wagon; they reach from the waist of the standing men to approximately twice their height.


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American Forestry Association




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