William Swetland Residence


William Swetland Residence


Wide bracketed eaves, a gabled front porch, square columns, and a flared chimney identify this home as a premier example of the Craftsman style. Kalispell contractor Caesar Haverlandt built the home in 1912 for longtime school superintendent William Swetland. A native of Wisconsin, Swetland first came to Kalispell to be principal of the West Side School in 1904. He served as superintendent from 1906 to 1942, replacing his former University of Wisconsin roommate, William Davis. In the 1920s, Fred Brinkman, whose architectural designs would later make an indelible mark on the Kalispell streetscape, remodeled the residence for the Swetlands. Brinkman’s additions included such interior finishings as a beamed ceiling, arched entries, a built-in linen chest with a hinged seat, and a colored cement fireplace hearth. The Swetlands raised their three children here before moving next door in 1930.


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415 Fifth Avenue East, Kalispell, Montana


Flathead county