140 University Avenue


140 University Avenue


Advertised as “The Choice Residence Section of Missoula,” the Hammond Addition attracted successful businessmen like David J. Haviland, who could afford the exclusivity the neighborhood offered. Lots in the Hammond Addition cost $500, as compared to $125 in nearby subdivisions, and homebuilders were required to erect houses that cost at least $3,000 to build. As this Colonial Revival residence demonstrates, however, expensive did not necessarily mean ornate. Fashion in the teens dictated the clean lines of homes “intended for comfort and service rather than show.” The elegant six-bedroom home, built by Haviland in 1912, personifies this trend. Its full-length front porch supported by classical columns, centered front gable covered with fishscale shingles, and multiple dormers create a welcoming, well-balanced façade. In 1920, it made a more than serviceable residence for attorney and state senator John Campbell, and his wife, Mary, who lived here until their deaths in the 1940s. In later years it was used as a fraternity house before becoming, once again, a single-family home in 1995.


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