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1978 59 19 a-b & 1978 59 107.jpg
Carbon microphone used by Ed Craney in the production of his radio shows.

PAc 80-88 F8 Ed B Craney.jpg
Ed Craney seated at a table at an early condenser microphone. Condenser microphones were developed in 1916 by E.C. Wente at Bell Labs and helped overcome frequency issues associated with earlier carbon microphones. Condenser microphones, along with…

Lot 34 B5 F2 02.jpg
Gary Cooper at the microphone, ground-breaking ceremony at the site of the Canyon Ferry Dam project.
Z Bar Network - XL remote broadcast from Canyon Ferry Dam. Typed notation adhered to verso: "One of the hottest highlights (and we mean "hottest"…

Lot 34 B4 F13 02.jpg
Members of the legislature speaking from Governor's Reception Room, Capitol building, Helena, Montana during a remote broadcast session.

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Lot 34 B4 2 05.jpg
"Members of the KXLF music department take special care in the selection and arranging of programs from their large library of music of all types." Record Library KXLF, Z Bar Network, Butte, Montana.

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Lot 34 B3 F14 01.jpg
KGIR Anaconda Studio in Staggs Store, [includes piano,
drum, wicker furniture, lamps and carpets.]

Lot 34 B3 F13 02.jpg
Interior photograph of the KGIR Studio, 121 West Broadway, Butte, Montana. KGIR 500 Watt Transmitter in Standard Bldg.

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Lot 34 B3 F5 01.jpg
"The Night Owl" program - an all night Saturday night show for DX fans in the mid-thirties, KGIR transmitting control room. Butte, Montana. Left: Ed Craney Right: Emmet Burke. This all-night program was popular with DXers. DXers were radio…

Lot 34 B2 F16 02.jpg
Ernest Neath, manager, seated at desk speaking into a microphone in the KXLQ station, Z Bar Network, in Bozeman, Montana.
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