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1979.12.29 Cecile Boy.jpg
Head-and-shoulders portrait, in profile, of a Blackfeet woman. The woman is wearing a red dress, a pink choker, a bone earring, and blue beads; and her black hair is worn in braids. Her face is rendered in pastel; the blouse necklace and white…

1996 89 01.jpg
Watercolor painting with gouache highlights, over a graphite underdrawing, on paper. Self-portrait of the artist seated in front of a fireplace, reading. One of the artist's paintings hangs over the fireplace and two other paintings hang on the left…

Lot 34 B1 F1 05.jpg
Portrait of Edmund Craney standing in front of an unidentified station. ca. 1940-1960

Lot 34 B1 F01 01.jpg
Studio portrait of radio broadcaster Edmund Craney,

Head-only portrait of an Indian woman wearing braids and a beaded choker.

Head-only portrait of an Indian male wearing wrapped braids, shell earrings, a shell necklace, and a single feather in his hair. Executed on a plain background of gray paper.

Head-only portrait of a male Indian wearing braids, a shell earring, and a cowrie shell necklace. Abstract background of green, red, and yellow.
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