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Watercolor depiction of an Indian man seated on a pony. The man wears a striped blanket and holds a rifle and quirt in his proper right hand. The pony has feathers tied to his mane and tail, and bears exploit marks on its proper right hindquarter.

Depiction of a group of mounted Indians waiting behind an outcropping of huge rocks, while on the other side, in the distant background, a wagon train crosses a river. One of the Indians, who is standing with one foot on his horse and the other on a…

Winter scene depicting two horses standing by a cabin, executed in grays and whites, with yellow light showing in the windows.

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Depiction of a loan, mounted warrior in profile. He holds a lance in his raised right and his horse has red exploit marks on its rump.

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Depcition of an warrior on horseback. He carries a staff in his proper right hand and has a shield slung across his back. He rides across a sage-covered plain, with buttes rising in the distant background.

Depiction of three mounted warriors, paused at watering hole. The man on the right, who appears to be in the lead, is gesturing to the right.
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