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Head-only portrait of an Indian woman wearing braids and a beaded choker.

Head-only portrait of an Indian male wearing wrapped braids, shell earrings, a shell necklace, and a single feather in his hair. Executed on a plain background of gray paper.

Head-only portrait of a male Indian wearing braids, a shell earring, and a cowrie shell necklace. Abstract background of green, red, and yellow.

Depiction of two Indian men, seated cross-legged. The man on the left wears traditional-style clothing--including a feather bonnet. The man on the right wears a shirt, tie, and "letter" vest.

Watercolor depiction of a standing male Indian. He wears a breech-cloth and moccasins, holds a bow and two arrows in his proper right hand, and has a painted shield draped over his left shoulder.

Watercolor depiction of an Indian man seated on a pony. The man wears a striped blanket and holds a rifle and quirt in his proper right hand. The pony has feathers tied to his mane and tail, and bears exploit marks on its proper right hindquarter.

Depiction of three mounted warriors, paused at watering hole. The man on the right, who appears to be in the lead, is gesturing to the right.
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