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Two Indians with camera and film.jpg
Two unidentified elderly men, possibly members of the Crow Indian tribe, stand on the bank of a creek across from a teepee camp. The men wear shirts decorated with beadwork and ermine pelts, leggings, and feather headdresses. One man is holding a…

goff girl with dog.jpg
Studio portrait of an unidentified young girl, probably a member of the Crow Indian tribe. She is standing next to a fence (studio prop) and holds a string attached to a small dog seated at her feet. The girl wears a dress with a yoke decorated in…

goff indian school.jpg
Group of boys and girls, probably Crow Indian children, gathered together in front of a wooden building, some standing and some seated on the stairs. The boys wear pants and jackets, and hold brimmed hats. The girls wear dresses, some of plaid…

goff waiting for rations.jpg
Large group of men and boys, probably members of the Crow Indian tribe, gathered outdoors by a barbed wire fence. Eight men stand and sit near a gate on one side of the fence and in front of the others who are behind the fence and on horseback. A…

In 1884 Congress created the Missouri River Commission, charged with improving navigation between the mouth of the Missouri at St. Louis to Fort Benton, Montana and on to the headwaters at Three Forks. The survey, under the direction of the Corps of…

Pictorial map of Helena and vicinity including Helena National Forest. Includes legend, historical notes, illustrations, and tourist information. Text and photos on verso.

Ground plan of Fort Benton in 1869. Shows layout of fort with buildings and dimensions. Oriented with north to upper right.

1893 map of Great Falls. Includes "Profile of the Missouri River from mouth of Sun River at city of Great Falls to the foot of lower falls" and illustrations of Black Eagle Falls, dam and electric power houses and Rainbow Falls. Relief shown…

1917 map of Montana. Shows counties, cities, villages, post offices, steam and electric railroads with stations, and main automobile highways. Includes index to towns and counties with population; insets of copper industry, farm property, and…

Includes some topography, wagon roads, and lot numbers and divisions. Map is based upon accompanying materials supplied by Withrow: a sketch map of the survey and a written description of the survey.

Captain Benjamin Bonneville, on leave from the U.S. Army, took a four year expedition, from 1832 to 1836, into the American west. This map is from his publicaiton on his exlorations. Relief indicated by hachures.

Map showing the Custer battlefield as it was at the time of the battle. Associated map on same sheet showing where each of the 202 soldiers fell on June 25, 1876. Relief shown by contours and spot heights. 1908 edition of a 1891 survey.

1917 railroad map of Montana. Includes index to counties and towns. Railroad lines shown include: Northern Pacific; Northern Pacific (proposed); Great Northern Railway; Great Northern Railway (proposed); Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul; Chicago,…

1862 map showing survey of a railroad route from the Mississippi River to the Pacific north west. Relief shown by hachures.

Map showing the routes and positions of Custer's men on the day of the battle of June 25, 1876. Inset map shows the routes and positions of the armies of the Yellowstone and the Platte expeditions during the Sioux campaign from June 17-27, 1876.…

1883 map of Drumlummon and Old Standard claims including mill sites, mine buildings, tramway, tunnels. etc.

1908 drawing of Fort Assinniboine. Includes buildings with labels, roads, water, and gates.

1890 map of Neihart, Montana. Shows streets, blocks, lots, Rock and Belt Creeks, and several buildings. Inset map of mines surrounding Neihart. Relief indicated by hachures.

U.S. Forest Service map of Blackfeet National Forest, Montana. Blackfeet National Forest was later divided between Flathead National Forest and Kootenai National Forest. Relief shown by hachures.


Reproduction of the layout of Old Fort Benton, Montana with buildings labelled and dimensions given. Oriented with north to upper right.

1814 map of the Missouri Territory. Shows the territory boundaries.

1838 map of the Oregon Territory.

Pictorial map of the Big Hole battlefield showing U.S. Army and Nez Perce positions. Taken from notes and actual measurements made by Cpt. J.M.J. Sanno, 7th infantry. Oriented with north to the right.

1863 map of the Mullan Road from Walla Walla to Fort Benton. Includes camps and battle sites along the road and locations of forts and Indian tribes. Prepared from field notes from 1858-1863.
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