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Caricature of a man, standing in profile with his proper right hand outstretched. It is captioned, "Ormsbee / The Tall Pine from Mineral / Could Out Logic Henry Clay."

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Caricature of a man standing in profile, banging his fist on a podium. He holds a sheet of paper titled "Investigation" in his proper right hand. The image is captioned: "Haight of Fergus / He Likes to Investigate 'Em."

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2006-38-53 (right side).jpg
Depiction of horse's head. Painted brown with white markings and a black mane. The hackamore is part of the plaster cast, but the rope is comprised of an attached, black-and-white striped cord.

Landscape with a dilapidated log cabin.

Head-only portrait of a male Indian wearing braids, a shell earring, and a cowrie shell necklace. Abstract background of green, red, and yellow.

Depiction of an abandoned homesite with a cabin and a half-dugout. There are tipi poles leaning against the back side of the cabin and the remains of a fence in the foreground. There are low rolling hills in the distant background.

Head-only portrait of an Indian male wearing wrapped braids, shell earrings, a shell necklace, and a single feather in his hair. Executed on a plain background of gray paper.

Head-only portrait of an Indian woman wearing braids and a beaded choker.

Lot 34 B1 F01 01.jpg
Studio portrait of radio broadcaster Edmund Craney,

1978 59 19 a-b & 1978 59 107.jpg
Carbon microphone used by Ed Craney in the production of his radio shows.

Lot 34 B1 F1 05.jpg
Portrait of Edmund Craney standing in front of an unidentified station. ca. 1940-1960

1987 57 01,06,16,17,22.jpg
Collection of artifacts discovered in Dawson County Montana near Glendive. The materials presented include a black rim section of 3 joining sherds (2 rim sherds); a brown semi-transluscent stone with milky white mottling and secondary flaking with…

2014 35 05.jpg
Humorous watercolor painting depicts three children performing in a contrived circus. The watercolor image is outlined with a thin black border. A small amount of a tree is visible across the top of the painting. It appears there is a child sitting…

CH 1-4.jpg
A pair of otter skin saddle decorations. Otter hide is sewn to red wool, which is backed and bound with white-dotted purple cotton. Decorative elements include brass hawk bells, cowrie shells, pink ribbons, ermine tabs, dentalium shells, brass beads,…

X1969 62 01 (37,38,39).jpg
Drawing from the Catlin work "Album Unique," a bound volume with 52 graphite drawings collectively titled "Souvenir of the North American Indians." Catlin's stated purpose was to create a record of the tribes whom he perceived as near extinction.…

X1910 02 01 (side 1).jpg
Jim Bridger's Hawken rifle. The firearm is a plains model. .54 caliber single shot muzzleloader with the stamped manufacturer label "S. Hawken St. Louis" on the top barrel flat. ca. 1850.

1995 46 01.jpg
Silhouette of a running bull buffalo atop a 16 1/2" high staff. Numerous bullet holes pierce the vane, which is rusted with traces of a dark, reddish-brown paint. Directional letters are no longer extant. ca. 1854

X1904 01 02.jpg
Hand carved sculpture of skull and crossbones painted white. Memento mori (La. "remember you will must die") serves to remind individuals of their mortality. ca. 1870.
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