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Photographs of John and Sandy Campbell's home, former location of Lang Creek Brewing in Marion, MT, taken May 25, 2017. Taken by Anneliese Warhank. Interview and transcript available on-site only at the Montana Historical Society.

A telegram written by Antone Maesky to the North Butte Mining Company, inquiring whether his brother Nick Maesky was killed in the Speculator Mine.

Image shows employee of Kessler Brewing Company posing for a photo surround three tapped kegs of key. Many of the men are holding steins of beer. Additional beer kegs can be seen on the left side of the image. Also included in the group is a young…

PAc 2003-72 4.jpg
Head and shoulders portrait of Judge George M. Bourquin, a federal judge in Butte, Montana.

1883 map of Drumlummon and Old Standard claims including mill sites, mine buildings, tramway, tunnels. etc.

Alexander - Murder at Wolf research.jpg
Photograph of Indian Chief BigKnife, black and white.

Barry-Wolf Chief.jpg
Studio portrait of Wolf Chief, a Hidatsa Indian man. He is wearing a shirt, vest, and coat, and is reclining next to a fence in a winter and snow studio backdrop. He also has a fox pelt around his neck and a feather in his hair. Printed on the back…

Barry-Crooked Face family.jpg
Studio portrait of Crooked Face, a man (probably a Crow Indian), seated next to a woman who is holding a small boy on her lap. Crooked Face wears cloth pants and shirt, a blanket over his lap, and a brimmed hat with a feather. He is holding a…

Mr. Snake, a Crow Scout, and his wife.

Studio portrait of Snake, a Crow Indian man, and his wife. Snake is seated and wears fabric pants and shirt, buttoned vest, and brimmed hat. His wife stands next to him wearing a blanket over a fabric dress and a long belt. She has her hand on…

Barry-Curley, General....jpg

Portrait (profile) of Curley, a young Crow Indian man. He is wearing a cloth shirt, earring, necklaces, and fur decorations in his braids. Note: The Denver Public Library has a large collection of D.F. Barry photographs and identifies this…

Barry-Snake, and Big Belly.jpg
Studio portrait of two Crow Indian men seated together. Snake is bare-chested and wears metal armbands, many necklaces, and a brimmed hat with a feather. Big Belly wears fabric shirt and pants, many necklaces, and a long belt. Printed on the…

Priscilla War Workbook00Cover.jpg
World War I-era needlework instruction book containing knitting and sewing patterns, including knitted mittens, ration heaters for the soldiers, knitted scarf and chest protector, muffler and cap combined, knitted stockings, slip-on sweater, knitted…

Baumgartner-Crow Indian man wearing chaps.jpg

Studio portrait of an unidentified man, probably a Crow Indian. He is wearing shaggy chaps, boots, fabric shirt, neckerchief, brimmed hat, and gloves decorated with beadwork and fringe.

Baumgartner-Crow Indian man, woman, and boy.jpg
Studio portrait of an unidentified man, woman, and young boy, probably Crow Indians. The man and woman stand next to the boy who sits on a log between them. The woman wears a striped blanket over her dress. The man wears pants and a jacket, and holds…

Baumgartner - Crow Indians at home.jpg
Group of unidentified Crow Indian men sitting on horseback in front of tents and a hillside. The men wear brimmed hats or feather headdresses, fringed shirts, and leggings. Some hold staffs decorated with feathers and one man holds a feather fan. One…

Baumgartner-Plenty Coos with friends in his tent.jpg
Chief Plenty Coups, a Crow Indian man, seated on blankets inside a tent with three unidentified men and an unidentified woman. The men wear fabric shirts and vests; one holds a pipe and the other has a rifle. The woman wears a dress decorated with…

Mildred - Glee Crop.jpg
Printed media. Blue and green Poster.

2006-38-53 (right side).jpg
Depiction of horse's head. Painted brown with white markings and a black mane. The hackamore is part of the plaster cast, but the rope is comprised of an attached, black-and-white striped cord.

SC 2366 Buffalo Robe Auction-TC Power.jpg
Broadside announcing auction of Buffalo Robes

Captain Benjamin Bonneville, on leave from the U.S. Army, took a four year expedition, from 1832 to 1836, into the American west. This map is from his publicaiton on his exlorations. Relief indicated by hachures.
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