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Model of the "Buckley Bomb," an airborne leaflet bomb, made of cracker tins. The model resembles a stubby, two-ended crayon with a central band painted red, trimmed with black, and exposed metal ends. The words "The Buckley Bomb" are painted in…

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Large round gasometer, or tank, used to hold nitrous oxide anesthesia (a) is painted black with very elaborate hand-painted floral designs in gold, green and brown. A large chrome valve and nozzle are at base of tank. Tank lid (b) is also black with…

p0001838 copy.jpg
Prairie hay mower driven by Mr. Hamlin, Sr., followed by Will Coil, August 19, 1902; man sitting on two-wheeled farm implement drawn by two horses; other horse-drawn implement in background.; Eastern Montana. Prairie County Museum and Cameron…

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Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Kramer, Mrs. Nichols, standing around ice cream maker, boxes, and baskets, holding ice cream cones at Fallon picnic; women wearing white dresses, hat, and bonnets.; Eastern Montana. Prairie County Museum and Cameron Gallery in…

p0002038 copy.jpg
Williams family farm showing new Case steam-and gasoline-powered threshing machinery with five-member crew, ca. 1910. Prairie County Museum and Cameron Gallery in Terry, Montana, holds original Evelyn Cameron photographs and copy prints of all the…

PAc 90-87.G004-003.jpg
Mabel Williams handing water to threshing crew; machine in background; woman with bucket in front and three men.; Eastern Montana.

PAc 90-87.G021-001.jpg
Cabin Creek picnic, a German Russian gathering; portrait of women and children under trees, back row, far left, Dorothea Gehnert, second row in center: Brenner LaPlante in white dress and hat, Magdalena Ruff with white headscarf and dress with…

PAc 90-87.G059-005.jpg
Nine Greek and Italian railroad workers posed in front of railroad box car. Preparing the Milwaukee line, 1910.

PAc 90-87 G023-004.jpg
Mrs. Lillian Folger wearing white cap and apron standing in kitchen and mixing something in white bowl at table, Marsh, Montana; tea kettle on stove in foreground, cupboards in background.; Eastern Montana.

1814 map of the Missouri Territory. Shows the territory boundaries.

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Drawing from the Catlin work "Album Unique," a bound volume with 52 graphite drawings collectively titled "Souvenir of the North American Indians." Catlin's stated purpose was to create a record of the tribes whom he perceived as near extinction.…

Alexandra - Cheap Cologne cover.jpg
Black and white image of suit and saxophone, read text overlaying.

Archives - MC 35 Box 10 Eureka citizens petition page 2.jpg
This is a petition, submitted to Governor Stewart of Montana, regarding the "IWW Menace" in Lincoln County, and the signatories support for sedition laws.

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Wood sculpture of two mountain goats on a cliff. The cliff is roughly carved and the goats are more carefully shaped with incised lines to represent wool. The goats' coats and significant features (horn, hooves, eyes, and nostrils) are heightened…

World War I-era Red Cross poster. The ground is blue which fades to a lighter blue closer to the edge. In the center is a Red Cross nurse standing with outstretched arms. Nurse is wearing a white dress with a red cross on the chest. She is also…

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Humorous watercolor painting depicts three children performing in a contrived circus. The watercolor image is outlined with a thin black border. A small amount of a tree is visible across the top of the painting. It appears there is a child sitting…

Plat map of Virginia City from 1863 showing actual and proposed areas including parks, cemeteries, and "Capitol Square".

Archives - RS19 B4 F18 Seed Sense for War Gardeners (p2,3,4,5) copy.jpg
Pamphlet by Frederic Cranefield, Secretary, Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. The pamphlet provides advice to beginning gardeners on various plants.

Minutes of Croatian Fraternal Union of America, Montana chapter discussing membership, activities and finances of the organization.

Membership records of the Croatian Fraternal Union of America, Roundup Montana Chapter.

Plastic and metal with electrical components; bakes 2 krumkakes at a time.

Sound file and transcript of Dan Fallon interview, recorded July 18, 2017 in Helena, MT. Interviewed by Brian Shovers

Includes some topography, wagon roads, and lot numbers and divisions. Map is based upon accompanying materials supplied by Withrow: a sketch map of the survey and a written description of the survey.
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