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981-248 copy.jpg
View of four covered wagons pulled by single team of 12 horses, one ridden by man. Additional wagon and another man on horseback follow.

Depiction of three mounted warriors, paused at watering hole. The man on the right, who appears to be in the lead, is gesturing to the right.

Depcition of an warrior on horseback. He carries a staff in his proper right hand and has a shield slung across his back. He rides across a sage-covered plain, with buttes rising in the distant background.

Depiction of a loan, mounted warrior in profile. He holds a lance in his raised right and his horse has red exploit marks on its rump.

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Winter scene depicting two horses standing by a cabin, executed in grays and whites, with yellow light showing in the windows.

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Depiction of a buffalo bull standing on a grassy knoll, staring down three wolves. A cow and calf are in the background behind the bull. This original small painting was sent to Ed and Connie Craney as a Christmas card from Olaf C. Seltzer.

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Depiction of a pronghorn antelope, behind which is a square, inset landscape.

Depiction of a bull elk, behind which is a circular inset which contains two cow elk.

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Depiction of two deer, behind which is a circular, inset landscape with a large snag. There is a black rectangular box, with a gold border, visible on either side of the image. Notice the blacktail deer and the snag. This snag appears strikingly…

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Depiction of a wolf, seated, with one paw resting on a bone. The background is comprised of a large circle--which has a black center and a brown rim--behind the wolf; a rectangular "border;" and a crescent moon.

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Depiction of a moose standing in cattails, behind which is an inset, rectangular landscape.

Depiction of a mountain lion in a tree. There is a faint, full moon in the background behind the lion's head. The image is outlined by a rectangular, linear border on three sides, but the image bleeds below the border on the bottom edge.

Depiction of a group of mounted Indians waiting behind an outcropping of huge rocks, while on the other side, in the distant background, a wagon train crosses a river. One of the Indians, who is standing with one foot on his horse and the other on a…

Print of an ink sketch depicting an eagle flying low over a waterfall. It is captioned "Black Eagle Falls of the Missouri" in the lower right corner of the image. "KXLK" is written in large block letters in the lower right corner beneath the image.…

X1925 03 01.jpg
Folding game board is covered with green wool woven cloth with a felted texture. A .25" wide outside border of wood is all the way around and is fastened to body with brass screws. Corners are rounded. At the top of the board is a label "HIGH CARD".…

1981-67-09 copy 2.jpg
Cotton canvas tipi liner; hand-painted in watercolor with depictions of horses and riders in various battle scenes.

Lot 34 B3 F5 01.jpg
"The Night Owl" program - an all night Saturday night show for DX fans in the mid-thirties, KGIR transmitting control room. Butte, Montana. Left: Ed Craney Right: Emmet Burke. This all-night program was popular with DXers. DXers were radio…

Lot 34 B1 F01 03.jpg
Al Pearce, Ed Craney, K.O. MacPherson [KGIR announcer/operator] and members of Al Pearce and his gang. An afternoon NBC show after fishing on Madison near "Hutchins."

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Archives - MC 341 Mt AFL-CIO charter 1908.jpg
Certificate of Affiliation formalizing the relationship between the American Federation of Labor and the Montana State Federation of Labor. Signed by the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor.

Alex Consulate - Ship Line with name.jpg
Program and booklet. Paper

1985 38 01 ( side 1).jpg
Trapezoidal-shaped piece of wood. Bottom edge is smooth and straight. The other three sides are not and appear to have been broken off. There is a message written in chalk on each side of the board. Much of the writing is very faint and hard to read.…

Photographs of John and Sandy Campbell's home, former location of Lang Creek Brewing in Marion, MT, taken May 25, 2017. Taken by Anneliese Warhank. Interview and transcript available on-site only at the Montana Historical Society.

Alexander - Murder at Wolf research.jpg
Photograph of Indian Chief BigKnife, black and white.

Mildred - Glee Crop.jpg
Printed media. Blue and green Poster.
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