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Prairie hay mower driven by Mr. Hamlin, Sr., followed by Will Coil, August 19, 1902; man sitting on two-wheeled farm implement drawn by two horses; other horse-drawn implement in background.; Eastern Montana. Prairie County Museum and Cameron…

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Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Kramer, Mrs. Nichols, standing around ice cream maker, boxes, and baskets, holding ice cream cones at Fallon picnic; women wearing white dresses, hat, and bonnets.; Eastern Montana. Prairie County Museum and Cameron Gallery in…

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Williams family farm showing new Case steam-and gasoline-powered threshing machinery with five-member crew, ca. 1910. Prairie County Museum and Cameron Gallery in Terry, Montana, holds original Evelyn Cameron photographs and copy prints of all the…

Depiction of three mounted warriors, paused at watering hole. The man on the right, who appears to be in the lead, is gesturing to the right.

Depcition of an warrior on horseback. He carries a staff in his proper right hand and has a shield slung across his back. He rides across a sage-covered plain, with buttes rising in the distant background.

Depiction of a loan, mounted warrior in profile. He holds a lance in his raised right and his horse has red exploit marks on its rump.

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Winter scene depicting two horses standing by a cabin, executed in grays and whites, with yellow light showing in the windows.

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Depiction of a buffalo bull standing on a grassy knoll, staring down three wolves. A cow and calf are in the background behind the bull. This original small painting was sent to Ed and Connie Craney as a Christmas card from Olaf C. Seltzer.

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Depiction of a pronghorn antelope, behind which is a square, inset landscape.

Depiction of a bull elk, behind which is a circular inset which contains two cow elk.

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Depiction of two deer, behind which is a circular, inset landscape with a large snag. There is a black rectangular box, with a gold border, visible on either side of the image. Notice the blacktail deer and the snag. This snag appears strikingly…

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Depiction of a wolf, seated, with one paw resting on a bone. The background is comprised of a large circle--which has a black center and a brown rim--behind the wolf; a rectangular "border;" and a crescent moon.

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Depiction of a moose standing in cattails, behind which is an inset, rectangular landscape.

Depiction of a mountain lion in a tree. There is a faint, full moon in the background behind the lion's head. The image is outlined by a rectangular, linear border on three sides, but the image bleeds below the border on the bottom edge.

Depiction of a group of mounted Indians waiting behind an outcropping of huge rocks, while on the other side, in the distant background, a wagon train crosses a river. One of the Indians, who is standing with one foot on his horse and the other on a…

Watercolor depiction of an Indian man seated on a pony. The man wears a striped blanket and holds a rifle and quirt in his proper right hand. The pony has feathers tied to his mane and tail, and bears exploit marks on its proper right hindquarter.

Depiction of a buffalo standing on rock from which three clumps of spiky vegetation grow., The buffalo's tail is up in an "S" shape. On front of rock-base is etched "C.M. Russell / Memorial."

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Watercolor depiction of a standing male Indian. He wears a breech-cloth and moccasins, holds a bow and two arrows in his proper right hand, and has a painted shield draped over his left shoulder.

Landscape depicting a river scene. There is a buck deer in the center foreground, and mountains/canyon walls receding into the distance in the background.

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Depiction of an adult bear holding a cub up in the air in the process of trying to grab a slab of bacon which is hanging from a tree branch. The adult bear looks back over its shoulder toward a log cabin, while a second cub tries to climb the tree.

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Cartoonish depiction of a long-horn bull chasing a man up onto a fence. The bull is branded "2 Lazy-2 P."

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Depiction of two Indian men, seated cross-legged. The man on the left wears traditional-style clothing--including a feather bonnet. The man on the right wears a shirt, tie, and "letter" vest.

Print of an ink sketch depicting an eagle flying low over a waterfall. It is captioned "Black Eagle Falls of the Missouri" in the lower right corner of the image. "KXLK" is written in large block letters in the lower right corner beneath the image.…

Caricature of a man in three-quarters profile. He has his proper right hand raised in front of him and his left arm his swinging behind him. The image is captioned: "Doc Minnette / Impersonates The Gentleman from Silver Bow."

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Caricature of a man, standing in three-quarters profile, facing a clock which is winking at him. The image is captioned: " 'Thankee John / You Made us Both Famous' / John Ritch of Fergus."

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