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Andrew - Portrait with Mary.jpg
Studio Portrait of Andrew and Mary Swaney, black and white.

Alexander the thespian faded out.jpg
Newspaper article

Alexander - Consulate Building.jpg
Photograph of large crowd of people in front of American Embassy in Chefoo, China.

Alexander - diary 2 poem.jpg
Paper defaced with type.

Alexander - Consulate horse race.jpg
Photo of Swaney atop a horse, racing.

Alex Consulate - Chinese corres.jpg
Letter written in Chinese, addressed to Alexander.

Alex Consulate - Tea Cards.jpg
Stiff paper cards.

Alexander - Murder at Wolf research.jpg
Photograph of Indian Chief BigKnife, black and white.

Alex Consulate - Ship Line with name.jpg
Program and booklet. Paper

Alexander - military diary.jpg
A paper journal.

Alex  Military - Letter home.jpg
A machine typed letter home.

Alexander - Military photo.jpg
Paper pocket book ID

EXBT Jul 1942 Glenn from England.png
Letter from Glenn Mueller from England in 1942

Alex Military - flag.JPG
Poster with Flag and text.

EXBT Apr 1944 George from England.png
Letter from George Mueller from England 1944

EXBT May 1945 Glenn from Germany.png
Letter from Germany on May 9, 1945 from Glenn Mueller

Lot 38 B10 F11 Glenn Mueller copy.jpg
Army Portrait of Glenn Mueller

Lot 38 B6 F26 Oscar (in office) copy.jpg
Oscar in his law office in Lewistown Montana

Lot 38 B1 F16 Josephine Cook copy.jpg
Photo of Josephine Cook

EXBT Oct 1912 A Political Conversation.png
Oscar discussing politics and daily life with Josephine Cook

EXBT Nov 1913 A Closer Friendship.png
Letter from Oscar asking to become closer friends with Josephine

EXBT Mar 1914 A Fishing Proposal.png
Letter in which Oscar makes a reference to a future marriage proposal

EXBT Feb 1930 Oscar Personal Defense.png
Letter to Mayor Oscar Mueller defending his honor and integrity
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