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Map showing Philipsburg and Granite, Montana and surrounding mining claims in T 6-7 N, R 13-14 W. Includes annotations in red.

Sketch map of Bannack, Montana Territory copied from a map owned by James U. Sanders, and includes topography, streets and wagon roads, placer- and quartz-gold workings and mills, water-supply ditches, and buildings keyed to an accompanying list…

1939 Glacier National Park pictorial map. Relief shown pictorially. Shows roads, trails, railroads, park and national boundaries. Text, illustrations, and Great Northern Railway system map on verso.

1930 pictorial tourist map of Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park. Relief shown pictorially.

1883 general plan drawings of Drumlummon Mine. Includes longitudinal section showing ore in sight and estimated reserves, and transverse section showing quartz lode and existing and proposed levels

1897 perspective map of Kalispell, Montana. Not drawn to scale.

1904 perspective of Billings, Montana. Not drawn to scale.

1914 topographic map of Glacier National Park. Relief shown by spot heights and contours. Contour interval 100 feet.

1937 map of the Montana state highway system. Includes index to cities and towns.

Verso of 1937 Montana state highway map. Includes maps of Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, and Glacier National Park. Also includes mileage table.

Shows geyser formations, roads, trails and proposed railroads. Inset: Map of the Yellowstone National Park and surrounding country.

1893 map of Butte, Montana. Includes some topography, railroads, mining claims by name and survey/application number, mining hoists, smelters, block and lot numbers and divisions in the original townsite, cemeteries, landmarks and section lines.

Perspective map of Virginia City, Montana, not drawn to scale. Includes index to points of interest, notes, and distance list.

1896 perspecitve map of Missoula, Montana. Includes promotional text. Not drawn to scale.

Verso of 1947 Montana State highway map. Includes inset maps of Yellowstone National Park and Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Also includes local route maps, distance chart, and state traffic information.

Includes physical relief and topographic notes, trails, wagon roads, proposed and completed railroads and limits of the Northern Pacific Railroad's land grant, military forts and reservations, ranch sites, settlements, coal deposits, Indian…

Tourist map showing driving route from Denver, Colorado to Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. Includes Table of Distances.

Perspective map of Butte, Montana, not drawn to scale. Includes mines, mills, reducting and smelting works.

Verso of Map of Montana's homestead lands : taken from records of United States land offices at Glasgow, Havre, Great Falls and Lewistown, January 1914.

Map shows number of acreas in red of free homestead land in the highline of Montana by township on January 1, 1914, and locations of reservations. Text and illustrations on verso.

1883 perspective map of Deer Lodge, Montana. Includes numbered references. Not drawn to scale.

Plat map of Virginia City from 1863 showing actual and proposed areas including parks, cemeteries, and "Capitol Square".

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Registration form listing firearms and weapons in the possession of Charles Kessler of Helena, Montana.
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