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Lot 038 B10 F14 copy.jpg
Army camp filled with tents in Europe

Lot 038 B 10 F12 copy.jpg
Glenn Mueller in Rome, Italy during WWII

EXBT Nov 1965 DeLacy Letter.png
Letter from Mary Dempsey thanking George Mueller for his contribution to the DeLacy exhibit

Lot 038 B13 F31 copy.jpg
Map exhibit with the donated copy of George Mueller's DeLacy map

Milred - the showwoman.jpg
Black and white photo, two people in field, two horses.

Lot 38 B7 F3 Oscar copy.jpg
Portrait of Oscar Mueller

Lot 38 B1 F1 Charles Cook (facing forward) copy.jpg
Oscar Mueller (right) hunts for fossils with a friend.

EXBT Jan 1931 Suspecting of Bootlegging Letter.png
Letter from Oscar as the Mayor concerning suspects of bootlegging

EXBT Nov 1930 Oscar from MHS A.png
Letter to Oscar concerning his article

Alexandra - Cheap Cologne cover.jpg
Black and white image of suit and saxophone, read text overlaying.

Alexandra - letter from papa.jpg
Typed letter.

Alexandra - Photo.jpg
Headshot black and white photograph.

Mildred - writings.jpg
type on tissue paper.

Mildred - Letter from hubbie.jpg
Typed love letter.

Mildred - Glee Crop.jpg
Printed media. Blue and green Poster.

Mildred - Opperetta 4.jpg
Newspaper clipping.

Mildred - and her dishwasher.jpg
Photograph of Mildred and her washing machine.

Mildred - Suave.jpg
Mildred looking over her shoulder.

Andrew - Mazzie Death 2.jpg
Hand written letter.

Andrew - Mazzie Death.jpg
Typed Letter.

Andrew - Crissila's hair (2).jpg
Lock of dark hair, adhered to paper.

Andrew - Letter from home.jpg
Hand written letter with pressed flowers
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