Exhibit: Ed Craney—the Voice of Montana

Greater Montana Foundation

KXLY microphone

Carbon microphone used by Ed Craney

Although well known for building radio and television stations in Montana,Ed  Craney's advocacy, lobbying, and collaborative efforts ensured the interests of Montana were represented nationally. Whether the interest group was NBC or the FCC, Craney used his position to advocate against the marginalization of his rural audience.

Craney extended his community building efforts to philanthropy, establishing the Greater Montana Foundation in 1958. The Foundation focused on promoting excellence in Montana broadcasting through annual awards, scholarships and grants to commercial broadcasters, public broadcasters, nonprofit groups, journalism students, and heritage institutions.

Edmund Craney’s contribution to broadcasting on the local and national level was recognized in 1979 with an honorary PhD in Public Service from Montana State University. Through his businesses, lobbying skill, and advocacy efforts Craney built a broadcasting network for radio and later television that was not only financially successful, but also highlighted the importance of local arts, history and culture.


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