Exhibit: Montana Brewery Oral History Project

Meet the Crew


Project Manager - Anneliese Warhank took the position of Archivist/Oral Historian at the Montana Historical Society in 2014. Growing up in Montana, she had a strong love for the state's history. In 2015, after seeing how successful the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives oral history program had become, she decided it was time to begin gathering these stories in her own state.

Board Member - Rich Aarstad works as the Senior Manuscript Archivist at the Montana Historical Society. Rich has also worked as the Archivist/Oral Historian the MHS and has led oral history projects including the Montana Labor Leaders Oral History Project.

Board Member - Steve Lozar is known across the state as the Montana beer historian. An avid collector of Montana "breweriana" - beer-related artifacts and products, he has them all on display at his Montana beer history museum in Polson.

Board Member - Todd Daniels worked as President and Co-owner of the Kessler Brewing Co. in Helena in the mid 1990's. Along with fellow brewery owners, he lobbied for the legalization of on-site sale of beer for Montana breweries in the 1990s. He was also a founding member of the Montana State Brewers Association, which pre-dates the modern day Montana Brewer's Association. 

Board Member - Jim Lueders has been involved in the Montana brewing scene since the early 1980s, first as a homebrewer, and then as an assistant brewer for Bayern Brewing Co. After recieving additional training in Germany in the 1990's he returned to Montana to begin work on what would eveunatlly become Wildwood Brewing Co. in Stevensville.

Contract Oral Historian - Brian Shovers is a former employee of the Montana Historical Society who retired as the Library Manager. Brian has worked on multple oral history projets focusing on such topics as the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention and the Montana timber industry. 

Contract Transcriptionist - Allison Badger has worked with the Montana Historical Society as a transcriptionist for a number of oral history projects.

Meet the Crew