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Mueller Family Legacy

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In today’s world of email, social media and emojis, the ability to communicate almost instantly with anyone in the world has changed the way we view personal connections. Writing a letter by hand, placing it in an envelope with a stamp, and then dropping it in the mailbox is an old fashioned, nostalgic activity rendered almost unnecessary. The handwritten and typed correspondence of the Mueller family offers a window into their thoughts and daily activities before the advent of lightning fast communication. 

Oscar's letters to Josephine Cook shows the evolution from formality of two people getting to know each other while separated to the familarity of two people in love. Oscar's professional correspondence reveals the difficulties he faced in his career as an attorney and the mayor of Lewistown. World War II meant the separation of his two sons from their family as they served overseas. Letters were the highlight of the soldier's day while letters home reassured worried parents. Prolific correspondence reveals the level of passion and dedication both Oscar and his son George Mueller shared for Montana historical research. 

This exhibit is but a small representation of the Oscar Mueller Family Papers collection. Find out more from the Montana Historical Society Research Center and Photo Archives.

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